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Message from Abdul Alim, CEO Bidooh

Bidooh continues to grow….exchange and product news

Thank you for all your support so far. As the ICO is now closed I thought it would be useful to share an update and our forthcoming plans with you. Our growth strategy is to acquire new global partners and support existing partners to grow their advertising revenue. As we continue to grow across the globe the demand to advertise on our screens should increase, so we have a token pricing strategy that supports our growth and still ensures the purchase of advertising by a token is still the most economical method.

I’m very pleased to tell you that the latest Bidooh Digital Billboard installation, which is the first airport location in Cluj International Airport in Romania, brings the total screens deployed to over 70 across the network and in December the number of people seeing the ads on the screen network grew by 86% from November to December reaching over 3.5 million people!

Within Romania we have gone live with a large mall group and can count Coca Cola amongst our first advertisers. Additionally in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is another emerging market when it comes to digital out of home, Bidooh is currently present in 9 key cities. These are geographically spanned across the entire country, with main concentration in its capital, the city of Sarajevo. At present, Bidooh operates 29 digital indoor billboards across 9 cities and 14 locations, where 6 locations are located in Sarajevo.

Among the most lucrative locations to mention is the recently installed BBI shopping mall in the heart of Sarajevo. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Bosnia & Herzegovina and International Council of Shopping Centers awarded BBI Centar with ReStore Award.

Bidooh is also making progress with new partners by continuing to test screens and Bidooh boxes in Seoul, South Korea, North America - California and Chicago as well as Canada and Dubai.

As a reminder, the Michael Edelson backed self-service digital billboard platform uses GDPR-compliant, anonymised facial analysis to provide targeted digital billboard advertisements on the blockchain. Live in multiple locations with partnerships across the globe, the platform promises to revolutionise the $34.8bn Out-of-Home (“OOH”) advertising industry through democratisation, engagement and transparency. Bidooh provides a complete turnkey platform which allows businesses to create an advert on the Bidooh app or website and book space in real-time. Within 60 seconds, this can be displayed on a selected screen around the globe and the impression data is made available on the platform for advertisers to measure the performance of their campaign.

Following the Private & Public sale of tokens and the upcoming token distribution, Bidooh plans to sell its utility token DOOH in real time within the Groups own platform via a proposed pricing schedule. A single Bidooh DOOH token purchases a 10 second advert on the Bidooh platform at a price which is 14x cheaper than the fiat price of 1.4 cent which is $0.001 per token. As the Bidooh network continues to expand and demand in the DOOH token increases, the Group plans to increase the price at which it sells the DOOH Token on its platform with a target of US$1 by February 2021. Proposed price grid below.

As the token distribution is planned to start week commencing the 21st of January 2019, we are working tirelessly to ensure we have exchanges lined up to list the DOOH token. As you all know OKEx Exchanges investment arm, OK Blockchain Capital is a big holder of Bidooh tokens and our goal is to be on a big exchange like OKEx. Their current listing process requires us to first list on their white-label sister exchange CoinAll, which shares its userbase with the 10 million registered OKEx users and I am pleased to be tell you that we are in final stage contract talks with CoinAll to be be accepted on their exchange, so watch this space. We will also be listing on DDEX. DDEX has been chosen due to its decentralized nature and our commitment to decentralisation and opening up the ability for anyone to access our tokens without barriers.

Also, I’m excited to be able to tell you that we have successfully tested topping up a Bidooh account using DOOH tokens so an advert could be placed on our network using tokens. Martyn Gould, Founder of “I'm so excited to be the first user of the Bidooh token for advertising, it's making billboard advertising even more easier and accessible to everyone!”

And finally, we are launching our new website in the next week, so please keep an eye out and let us have your feedback!

Proposed pricing schedule

Date Token Price
27th Dec - 27th Jan 2019 $1 for 1000 DOOH tokens
Up to 27th Feb $1 for 800 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Mar $1 for 700 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Apr $1 for 600 DOOH tokens
up to 27th May $1 for 500 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Jun $1 for 400 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Jul $1 for 300 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Aug $1 for 100 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Sep $1 for 100 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Oct $1 for 90 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Nov $1 for 80 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Dec $1 for 70 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Jan 2020 $1 for 60 DOOH tokens
Up to 27th Feb $1 for 50 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Mar $1 for 40 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Apr $1 for 30 DOOH tokens
up to 27th May $1 for 20 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Jun $1 for 10 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Jul $1 for 9 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Aug $1 for 8 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Sep $1 for 7 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Oct $1 for 6 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Nov $1 for 5 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Dec $1 for 4 DOOH tokens
up to 27th Jan 2021 $1 for 3 DOOH tokens
Up to 27th Feb $1 for 2 DOOH tokens
27th Feb Onwards $1 for 1 DOOH tokens

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